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Here you will find information, a photo gallery and current values for Art Deco Era KENT ART WARE ceramics from Japan.

I have been building my collection of Kent Art Ware, or KAW for short, since 2008 and currently have well over fifty different pieces. Throughout the process, and though I say it who shouldn’t,  I have become something of an expert on the subject.

As it was in the U.S., Art Deco was made popular in Japan from the 1920s through the 1930s. The island country both adopted and adapted the Deco “look” being produced elsewhere while, in the process, making it uniquely suited to various levels of Japanese taste. For example, the “moga” or “modern girl” was a pop icon of the era. She epitomized the contradictions of her day, wearing a traditional kimono while smoking a cigarette or sporting a western style flapper’s hairdo.

At the same time, magnificent metalwork, ceramics, lacquer, glass, furniture, jewelry and sculpture as well as works on paper were being meticulously created for the National Museums and Japan’s upper classes.

Kent Art Ware, on the other hand, was produced solely for middle and lesser class homes and with an eye aimed at American tastes. It was, in fact, exported exclusively to the United States. KAW is virtually never offered for sale elsewhere.

You can browse the entire collection on the Gallery page, and read what I have learned about the history of Kent Art Ware on the About pages. You may also wish to peruse the collection of Antiques, Vintage and Decorative Objects, sometimes including individual pieces of Kent Art Ware, for sale in my eBay store, Deaton Antiques.

The Kent Art Ware Collection is not being sold individually at this time. If you are interested in contacting me about purchasing the entire collection, or if you might have a piece you think I may be interested in, please contact me at davideaton@earthlink.net