• May 12, 2012 • THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED for a man curious about his glass bookend by an unknown maker.


Glass Bookend by unknown maker



Hi David, I ran across your Kent Art Ware blog. I’m attaching a photo of a glass bookend that looks very similar to the female head bookends on your blog. Did Kent Art Ware also do works in glass? What do you think about this glass object. I’m assuming it’s one of a pair of bookends. There was a remnant of a maker’s label on the bottom, but that’s about it. Thanks, Darren

Hello Darren, Your beautiful Art Deco glass object certainly does look like the Kent Art Ware bookends, but the maker of Kent Art Ware, Moriyama, didn’t make anything in glass. Your art glass discovery was made in 1929 by Jules Vermeire (1885-1977).The work is an exquisite example of Vermeire’s lyrical Expressionism for which he was widely acclaimed. It’s a stand alone work of art rather than a bookend, and it was indeed later copied by Kent Art Ware. The documented timing of this expensive Vermeire creation, 1929, supports my assertion KAW was made in the 1930’s.


I’m curious. How did your art glass find take you to my website if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Dave


I collect Art Deco and found your website while searching “art deco bookends” images on Google. I saw your bookends which resembled my piece without the berries. Darren