• MOST COLLECTORS have favorites and least favorites within their collections. I am no exception and I have already mentioned that I’m especially attracted to the white female head, the female holding the bowl, the female bookends, the ball vase with its fish decoration, the rooster, the family of hippos, and the stylized fish. In my opinion they are exceptionally good designs created by skilled artisans.



Not So Favorites

However, painting the curls and base of the female head gold was truly “gilding the lily” adding nothing to and distracting from the pure simplicity of the piece. Worse yet was the marketing decision to turn the same head into an unattractive table lamp.

Then there is the draped standing female who has a misplaced center of gravity. Depending on the angle you look at her she appears to be in the process of falling backward.

KAW Draped Standing Female

I keep thinking the brown bear cubs are part of a two piece set that includes a mama bear. Maybe mom will show up someday.

Kent Art Ware bear cubs (1)

I assume the brown rams with yellow accents are in fact rams. They keep reminding me of tailless Dino Dinosaurs from the cartoon series, “The Flintstones”. I guess it is what appear to be spiral horns that determined their species.

KAW Brown Rams with Yellow Accents

Finally, there’s the arch dog. What were they thinking?! Viewed from the front he looks to be snarling, his ears look like leaves left over from another ceramic, and his oddly shaped head doesn’t blend stylistically with his hoop body.